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Medical School Interview Preparation

It is somewhat amazing to hear about people with excellent GPAs, top-notch personal statements or essays, and impressive credentials being declined by the medical school of their choice. This is usually due to something in the medical school admission process that the individual did not do well in – and it is quite often the medical school interview that is the culprit. This is unfortunate because the medical school interview is something easily refined to a near art form if the applicant just takes the time to prepare adequately for each interview.

This is absolutely essential if you want to get into med school, but it is something that few people spend a lot of time preparing for. Of all the parts of the medical school application process, the interview is probably the most important. It is just as significant, if not more so, than the medical school personal statement, the AMCAS application, and MCAT test scores.

If you are someone who is looking to get into medical school, you may want to consider some techniques and tactics that will help you to master one of the most essential requirements for medical school admission. It can begin as easily as finding a guide or personal consultant to go over some medical school interview sample questions with you.

Our medical school interview preparation puts your in touch with ex admission committee and interview committee members. You’ll go through mock interviews with them which will be exactly like your interview day. We’ll review all your material beforehand so that we have knowledge of who you are. The best way to prepare for the medical school interview is to do practice interviews, and there is no one better to do that with than MedSchoolCoach’s advisors.

We’ll try to help you understand the way that your interview might pan out and uncover the types of questions that the school is most likely to ask their potential students.

Overall, whether you prepare for your medical school interview with us, or with someone else, be sure to do plenty of mock interviews and go over feedback of the things you did right and wrong. Best of luck!