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Medical School Interview Preparation

How might you deal with a terminally ill patient? What is the most pressing health issue today? There are thousands of applicants as qualified as you. Why should we pick you? Are you ready to confidently answer these questions? If not, working with MedSchoolCoach’s physician advisors, who have previously interviewed medical school candidates, is the best way to prepare. They’ve been the decision makers on acceptances for thousands of students, so they know what it takes for you to stand out.

Sample Interview Session

Master your upcoming medical school interview

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Real Physicians

Our interviewers are all physicians who have served on admissions committees and conducted actual medical school interviews.

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Realistic Questions

Whether MMI or traditional, we ask you the same types of questions you’ll be asked on interview day.

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Personal Attention

We give you live, personalized feedback on how to improve - whether it’s what you say or how you say it, we critique it all.

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Best Results

Over 90% of students that prepare with us receive acceptances to medical school.

The proof is in the numbers

Learn why thousands of students have trusted us for their interview preparation


Feel more confident after their practice


Acceptance rate of students who have 3 or more practice interviews


Hours of interview prep conducted over 10 years

Meet an advisor

Dr. Mehta was an interviewer at University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

12+ Years

12k students

500k Coaching Hours

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Step 1

Sign Up Online

Enroll right online and get full access to our 75 physician advisors.

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Step 2

Schedule Your Session

You decide who and when to have your interview with.

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Step 3

Send Us Your Application

We review your actual application in advance to customize your session and provide a realistic experience.

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Step 4

Conduct Mock Interview

Your interview is conducted via video conference with the ability to record the entire session.

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Step 5

Receive Feedback

Learn how to improve with detailed, live suggestions.

Meet some of our team

Featured Advisor Profiles

Sahil Mehta MD, MedSchoolCoach Founder
Sahil Mehta MD Founder

Dr. Mehta is the founder of MedSchoolCoach and has guided thousands of successful medical school applicants. He is also a practicing physician in Boston where he specializes in vascular and interventional radiology.

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Ziggy Yoediono MD, MedSchoolCoach Master Advisor
Ziggy Yoediono MD Associate Director of Advising

Dr. Yoediono was a Duke University pre-major advisor, and an adcom member for Duke University School of Medicine, the University of Rochester School of Medicine and the Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency Program.

View profile
Hilary McCrary, MedSchoolCoach Advisor
Hilary McCrary MD

Dr. McCrary has prior admission committee experience at the University of Arizona and is a head and neck surgeon in-training. Prior feedback from medical students that have worked with her includes the following: "Dr. McCrary has excellent interpersonal skills and recognizes the needs of others."  

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Harvey Katzen MD, MedSchoolCoach
Harvey Katzen MD Associate Director of Advising

Dr. Katzen was an admissions committee member at George Washington University School of Medicine, as well as the president of Oncology-Hematology Associates in Maryland.

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David Flick MD, MedSchoolCoach
David Flick MD Associate Director of Advising

Dr. Flick was an admissions committee member at UC Irvine School of Medicine. He is board certified in family medicine and also works as a flight surgeon for the U.S. Army.

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Why we are different

Only physician advisors with admissions committee experience - no med students, editors, or guidance counselors. The people interviewing you are physicians so those helping you prepare should be.

Anytime, Anyone

You have complete control over who conducts your session and when. Choose from over 70 advisors with extended weekday and weekend hours.


With 10,000 students helped and over 500,000 coaching hours combined, no one has more experience helping students than we do.

Want to Meet More of the Team

Frequently asked questions

One hour. We ask you questions in the first half hour and provide feedback in the second.

Once you sign up, you’ll be directed to select your advisor and time. If you’re not ready to select a time, you’ll also receive an email link to do the same.

Most students benefit most from 2-3 mock interviews so they can implement the feedback they receive and experience different interviewers with varying styles.

Yes! We can set up about four stations, roughly seven minutes long to simulate an MMI style interview.

YES! Every advisor at MedSchoolCoach is a physician with admissions committee experience. That means they know the questions you will be asked and how to best answer them.

Yes and no. While we have over 75 advisors who have interviewed at a variety of schools, our interview prep is focused on making you a great interviewee in general, not just for 1 school.

Yes! Once you sign up for interview prep, we will send you instructions on how you can record the session.


(888) 381-9509

Package Pricing

Medical Interview Plans
One mock interview
Two mock interviews
Three mock interviews
Four mock interviews
Former Admissions Member/Interviewer
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Physician Interviewer
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Online video interviewing with recording option
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Detailed verbal feedback
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MedSchoolCoach Interview Guidebook
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MMI or Traditional Prep
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Varying Interviewers
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We help students through any aspect of the pre-med process

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Have questions about what to do in a gap year, how to successfully plan your undergraduate career, or what extracurriculars to become involved in? We have your answers.


Comprehensive Application Help

Applying to medical school this year? Our comprehensive packages take you from day 1 to an acceptance with a physician advisor.


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Need help polishing your essays to perfection? Our physician coaches can help you achieve an amazing result that will stand out from the crowd.

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