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An MCAT CARS Course by MedSchoolCoach

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More Knowledge =
Less Studying + a Higher Score.


Crack the CARS Code

Decipher confusing sentences, dissect the author’s argument, and unlock the hidden meaning underlying every CARS passage.

Outmaneuver the AAMC

Discover how CARS questions are actually written, so that you can avoid those sneaky trap answer choices and learn to predict the correct one.

Smash Score Plateaus

Employ metacognition to conquer timing issues, analyze your practice performance, and optimize your study habits for maximum CARS results.

Perform Under Pressure

Learn how a strategy developed for the US military can help you stay calm, collected, and effective under exam pressures.

What's Included in CARS Mastery...


Guided-learning questions designed to reinforce key CARS skills and ensure your understanding.


Expert-developed, score-maximizing videos that deliver crucial strategies for success.


Easy-to-digest lessons, putting CARS mastery within your reach.

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MCAT CARS Mastery - How to Read a CARS Passage
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MCAT CARS Course – How to Read a CARS Passage
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Overview of Lessons

The story behind our CARS course…

Some time ago, our team of 99th-percentile MCAT experts set themselves a goal: to devise the simplest, most effective CARS how-to guide on the market. After months of thinking, planning, and pouring over official AAMC exams, here are the results: an all-in-one, asynchronous course that delivers CARS expertise without any fluff, so that you can maximize your score as quickly as possible.

Underlying our work is a single guiding principle: that more practice and more studying does NOT always translate into more results. It turns out that the secret of CARS success is not hard work and long hours, but rather knowledge – knowledge of how the CARS section is written, what skills it’s testing, and how to study smarter rather than harder. So you can skip the endless practice passages, the tedious question banks, and the stubborn low scores. Our course gives you the know-how to achieve superior results in half the time – it’s your shortcut to CARS success.

Owen Ezell, co-creator of the MCAT CARS Mastery course

Owen Ezell


100th Percentile CARS Scorer

Maddie Jang, co-creator of the MCAT CARS Mastery course

Maddie Jang


95th Percentile CARS Scorer

CARS mastery is only a click away...

MCAT CARS Course – The Highlight Feature
  • 21 lecture videos featuring expert CARS instruction from 99th percentile scorers
  • 75 guided-learning questions designed to reinforce crucial score-enhancing skills
  • 5 Easy-to-digest lessons, putting CARS mastery within your reach
  • 6 month course access
  • 7 day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

The CARS section isn’t about science, it doesn’t test your memory of facts, and it requires a set of skills that many pre-meds are unfamiliar with. The result is that CARS presents a unique challenge, especially for science-oriented minds. 


However, although CARS is difficult, it is still learnable. It turns out, for instance, that CARS passages and questions are actually quite formulaic. This means that it is possible to anticipate what CARS will look like on Test Day. Further, while CARS may not test your mastery of facts, it does test your mastery of skills. By practicing those CARS skills, you can improve your score. 


Our course can accelerate your learning by showing you how the CARS section is written and by teaching you how to hone your skills. That way, you’ll become an elite CARS scorer without months and months of study.

The only way to get better at CARS is to change how you read passages and answer questions. Using the same strategies won’t produce different results, right? 


This explains why doing more and more practice doesn’t always lead to better scores. If your approach to CARS passages and questions is the same every time, it doesn’t matter how much practice you do – you’ll only score as high as your approach allows.


That’s why at MedSchoolCoach we recommend that you review every practice CARS passage that you complete. Reviewing your work is the only way to understand what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve. 


Our MCAT CARS Mastery course will teach you the best way to extract insights from your past performance and then apply those insights to your next practice set. This cycle of practice-review-practice-review is the real key to lasting score improvements.

At bottom, CARS is a verbal reasoning test. It’s different from the other science-focused sections of the MCAT, and it’s not uncommon for pre-med students to score well in these sections but badly in CARS. 


Scoring well in three out of four sections may seem acceptable, but in the eyes of admissions committees, it is not. The fact is that medical school admissions is growing more competitive by the year. Recently, there was a stark increase in the number of rejected applicants. We don’t mean to scare you but merely remind you that admissions committees are looking for flaws in your application. An unsatisfactory CARS score could absolutely be a deal breaker.


With this in mind, buying a CARS study resource may be a worthwhile investment. If our $399 CARS course helps you improve your score, which helps you get accepted, then that $399 will – simply put – be the best money you ever spent.

The MCAT CARS Mastery course features 120 guided-learning questions. However, these questions are not CARS questions and are not intended to replicate the actual MCAT. Instead, their purpose is to reinforce the skills and strategies that we teach in this course. Some of these questions are associated with a passage, just as in the actual CARS section. However, you will quickly see that their style and format does not mimic AAMC CARS questions.


If you want more practice material, beyond what is offered by the AAMC, consider purchasing a MedSchoolCoach MCAT practice exam. Ours are the most realistic third-party MCAT exams on the market and replicate the AAMC with regard to content, difficulty, and user interface.

Happy April Fool’s Day from MedSchoolCoach!

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