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PRE-MED COACH for College Students

Our program provides concierge mentorship to pre-meds, eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty in the pathway to becoming a physician.

Maximize Your Pre-Med Journey with Personal Coaching

By frequently engaging with their expert physician advisor, Pre-Med Coach ensures students receive tailored advice and a clearly defined road map to medical school.

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Learn what to do, when do to it, and how to do it from a physician who has admissions experience. Should you get research experience? Leadership experience? When in your career should you get it and how do you find it? We'll show you the way.

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Through scheduled check-in video calls and impromptu messaging, a physician who has the time and has the passion for ensuring your success is dedicated to you, making sure you hit the pivotal milestones on your journey.

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Instead of relying on message boards or friends & family who give advice based on their individual experiences, we pair you with a physician who has served on an admission committee and guided hundreds of students successfully into med school.

Execute Your Playbook

A Personal Brand

Piece together your passions, your strengths and your ambitions into a personal brand, one that will resonate with admissions committees.

Research Experience

Land the right research position to become an accomplished investigator and published author.

Coursework & Academic Planning

The right courses, the right professors, the right letters of recommendation - these all are necessary for a successful application.

Leadership, Volunteer and Clinical Experiences

Your grades and GPA tell just a small portion of your story. Position yourself with the right experiences to stand apart.

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Package Pricing

Invest in Your Medical School Future and Boost Your Odds of Getting Accepted!

Pre-Med Coach for College Students
Mentorship & Coaching for the Ultimate Acceptance

Starting at $500/mo with . Prequalify now

Access to a Dedicated Physician Advisor - Monthly meetings to proactively plan toward medical school and keep you on track to flourish as an applicant; Unlimited messaging via online portal for quick responses to time-sensitive questions.
Core Competency Development - Your advisor will help you polish and refine your communication style, professionalism, and time management skills.
Undergraduate Class Planning - Support identifying pre-med prerequisites, required courses for MCAT, and reminders of course schedule with Physician Advisor.
Summer Program/Internship Support - Get help with applications, essays, and interview prep to help you land summer roles. (Up to 2 programs per summer.)
Extracurricular Guidance & Requirements Review:
  • • Community Service & Volunteering
  • • Leadership
  • • Research
  • • Shadowing (i.e., real-life and virtual)
  • • Clinical Experience
Accountability Tracking - Our proprietary software allows you to monitor your milestones and achievements as you prepare to apply.
Plus, you'll also receive:
MCAT Preparation Bundle - Our most popular self-paced MCAT preparation materials, including MCAT Prep (the top rated mobile application), MCAT Go (a complete science audio course), practice exams, and a CARS video course.
10% discount on MCAT tutoring and admissions advising packages.

Not sure what you need? Speak with an enrollment team member.

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Some of Our Areas of Expertise

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Undergraduate Class Planning

Collaborate with a Physician Advisor to plan pre-med prerequisites, MCAT-required courses, and your overall academic schedule, ensuring a solid foundation for your medical career.

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Extracurricular Activities

Get guidance on selecting extracurricular activities that foster personal and professional growth. Enhance your medical school application and personal brand, from crafting a compelling resume to optimizing your profile.

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Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Our mentorship has enabled students to establish non-profits, campus clubs, and start businesses, fostering entrepreneurial skills critical for future medical professionals.

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Admissions Timeline

Partner with your advisor to pinpoint the optimal med school application period. Gain comprehensive insights into the admissions process, key deadlines, and strategic timing.

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Leadership Opportunities

Through meticulous planning, our students have ascended in various roles, becoming influential leaders in their colleges and communities, thus enhancing their medical school prospects.

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Gap Year Planning

Consult with a Physician Advisor to assess your profile and plan an effective gap year. Explore options like post-bacc programs, master’s degrees, clinical work, or research to strengthen your med school application.

Meet an Advisor

Dr. Yoediono has had admissions experience with Duke University School of Medicine, the University of Rochester School of Medicine and the Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Program.

MedSchoolCoach has the experience:

15+ years in business

Thousands of students helped

AdCom Membersfrom Across the Country

Meet Some of Our Team

Blair Nelson, MD – MedSchoolCoach
Blair Nelson MD Master Advisor

Dr. Blair Nelson, a devoted physician, excels in imparting knowledge. After completing his medical education, he served as a rural ER doctor and now teaches medical education. His exceptional teaching abilities have earned him numerous accolades.

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Lauren Mayer, MedSchoolCoach
Lauren Mayer MDMaster Advisor

Dr. Mayer is a compassionate and dedicated physician and teacher. She has a passion for mentoring students to help them achieve their goals. She is a board-certified Pediatrician.

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Ron Bradshaw MD
Ron Bradshaw MD

Dr. Bradshaw served on the admissions committee at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas for five years and has mentored many premedical students as a physician at Baylor University during the past 20 years.

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Taylor Lindgren MD, MedSchoolCoach Tutor
Taylor Lindgren MD

Dr. Lindgren is a physician with a background in neurobiology and business, who completed an MD/MBA program and is now an adult cardiothoracic anesthesiology fellow at Texas Heart Institute.

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The MedSchoolCoach Difference

Receive support from actual physician advisors. The people reviewing your application are physicians, so those helping you prepare your application should also be.

No Limits

We do not believe in limiting your communication with your advisor. We are here for you and will provide as much help as you need.


We have served thousands of students and logged over 500,000 advising hours. No one has more experience than we do helping premed students get accepted into medical school.

Want to meet more of the team?

Frequently Asked Questions

MedSchoolCoach believes that the best advisors are physicians who have experience with the admissions process. That is why your advisor will be an actual physician who has helped hundreds of students navigate the medical school application process. They have the knowledge of what medical schools are looking for and also can provide the mentorship that a student needs as they embark on the journey of becoming a physician.

Our advising team works to ensure that every student is paired with the best advisor for their situation. You are free to request an advisor, and we will make every effort to accommodate. However, there are circumstances where an advisor may not be available or there may be a better advisor for your profile and questions than you’ve indicated, and our advising team will make that determination.

You will work directly with your Physician Advisor to schedule sessions that accommodate everyone’s schedules, which can include nights and weekends.

Yes, parent participation is welcome in various aspects of the process. However, particularly for Pre-Med Coach, we strongly encourage students to work with advisors independently so that they may learn new skills, such as strategic thinking, independence, and responsibility. These are the skills that medical schools look for in their applicants!

Academic advisors can be a fantastic resource for students, however, there are a few key differences. Academic advisors are almost never physicians, so they lack the real-world expertise of our physician advisors. Often, they are also tasked with guiding students broadly on every career path imaginable, so their knowledge of the specifics that medical schools are looking for can be limited. Finally, academic advisors are often stretched thin, meeting with students for as little as 15 minutes every year, so they are unable to provide the personalized, in-depth guidance necessary for a successful application. Your personal MedSchoolCoach physician advisors provide custom feedback based on individual interests and needs and are always available.

The goal of our Pre-Med Coach product is to get you ready to put together a standout medical school application through multiple years of coaching and mentorship. The package does not include help with the actual application. However, all our Pre-Med Coach students are given a 10% discount on our admissions packages, and you will be extremely well positioned to put together a great application. Typically students will transition to an application package around January of their junior year.

Your odds at admission will be best with extracurricular activities that combine your own passions and interests with scientifically relevant experiences. Your Pre-Med Coach will help you determine the right fit for you.

They can communicate with you via CHART, our proprietary communications hub. They may also use phone and video conference. CHART allows for timeline management using a goal-oriented system to ensure everyone is on the same page. If desired, parents/guardians may also have their own login credentials to our comprehensive application management software platform, ensuring that they can track progress and communications with the physician advisor.

We have a 30-day refund policy, which allows you to meet with your physician advisor to ensure that you’re satisfied with choosing MedSchoolCoach. Learn more about our Terms of Service.


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