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Medical School Personal Statement Editing Service

[jbox color=”red” title=”Personal Statement Editing”]MedSchoolCoach offers a variety of packages to help edit your personal statement. From a one edit package to unlimited, we have what it takes to help you write a great personal statement.
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[/jbox] The medical school personal statement is more important than you think! Your personal statement can get you in, or leave your out, of medical school. A great personal statement can set you apart from your peers. Many applicants are coming in with similar MCAT scores and GPAs, so the deciding factor is intangibles like the personal statement.

[jbox title=”Percentage of accepted applicants”] As an example, for an MCAT score between 30-32 and a GPA between 3.40 – 3.59 had a 56.9% acceptance rate. What seperated the half that was accepted from the half that was not? The personal statement plays a large part in this. Applicants with similiar stats are differentiated by the personal statement.
  1. In order to make your personal statement stand out, we recommend using a personal statement editing service, as well as your friends and family. At the very least, these people should be looking at your essay:1. A family member – they know you best and can often provide great insight
  2. A friend – again, someone who knows you well and can help you develop your thoughts
  3. A professional editor (not an English major or a PhD, but someone who has sat on the admissions committee and knows what to look for) – the editor can help you really nail down the content of the essay.
  • Of course, we recommend you hire MedSchoolCoach to look over your essay. Whether you do or not is your prerogative, but the important thing is not to hire someone who does not know about medical school admissions. Ask yourself what an English major really knows about being a doctor. How does a science PhD know anything about medicine? Find someone who knows about medicine, has sat on admissions committees, has gone through the process themselves.
  • Do not hire grammar services – anyone can check for grammar. Rather find an editor who will look at your essay for content first.
  • Avoid paying per edit. You do not want your essay to be edited twice and then left alone. A great essay is not made over two edits. MedSchoolCoach offers unlimited edits with our advisors. We work with you until the essay is where it needs to be.

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