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MedSchoolCoach welcomes the involvement and support of parents! The decision to hire an educational firm to help your child through the process of becoming a physician is a difficult one. We are here to make it easy. The journey to becoming a physician is multi-faceted and complex; we know that students often rely on support and guidance from their families to be their best selves and to navigate this challenging process successfully. Whether your son or daughter is seeking MCAT tutoring, comprehensive advising, or any of our other services, we recognize that you, as parents, play a major supporting role and we look forward to partnering with you.

About Our Advisors

What sets us apart are our advisors who will help mentor your son/daughter through the process. When you sign up to work with MedSchoolCoach, you get a physician advisor who has sat on admissions committee, and has years of experience guiding and supporting students.

Many of our physician advisors former directors of admissions or program directors at residencies across the country. They are physicians who know medical schools and programs are looking for in their applicants. Moreover, they must love what they are doing and go above and beyond for our students. That’s why we typically choose just two advisors from every hundred applications we receive.

In addition, you’ll be paired with one of our amazing writing advisors who can help craft essays and applications in a way that sets your child apart. This dual approach means that you have an expert helping you through each step of the process.

About Our Founding Roots

MedSchoolCoach was founded by a team of physicians looking to support and cultivate students at every step of their medical journey. Rather than being driven by profit, they were driven by mentorship and the belief that current physicians should help train the next generation.  This is why the work we do for our students truly comes from the heart. It’s why we are so successful and students love working with us – MedSchoolCoach isn’t a business, it’s a mentorship platform.

Today, MedSchoolCoach is still run by Dr. Sahil Mehta, an Interventional Radiologist and minimally invasive specialist, who is known for his expertise in image-guided interventions. He is an active teacher of medical students and residents at the most prestigious medical school in the country, as well as a mentor for thousands of students. His personal pursuit of helping students and his patients is what drives our collective mission as an organization.

Student Success Team

We believe that students, and their families, need extra support throughout the entire journey. While many other organizations can pair you with a tutor, we have an entire team dedicated to doing more than that and assuring our students have a great experience and achieve their goals. Our Student Success Team is up of career educational professionals, such as Tracy Lampl, M.Ed. and Carma Van Allen. They are always available to answer emails, texts, or to speak by phone should you have any questions or concerns, or even if you simply want an update on how your child is progressing toward their goals. Our team of outstanding tutors and advisors are also happy to share information and provide updates to parents. You are an integral part of the process and we look forward to engaging with you in support of your child.

About Our Tutors

Our MCAT and USMLE/COMLEX tutors have achieved incredible scores on their own exams and have undergone a rigorous and comprehensive training program. We believe in tutors who will mentor, guide and teach your child how to do well on their upcoming exams.

Lead by Joel Ramirez MD and Ken Tao, Ph.D., our training and recruitment process ensures tutors have not only subject matter expertise, but the amazing teaching skills necessary to achieve the best results. We are widely known as being the most prestigious organization in the space to work for because of our training and rigorous standards. We have successfully recruited only the best tutors and will never compromise on the quality for the sake of growth.

A Sole Focus on Medicine

We’ve worked with over 15,000 students one-on-one since 2007 through the process of getting into and through medical school. We don’t do anything else! Over the years, we’ve been asked why don’t we expand to do law school consulting, or also help students through the SAT or DAT. While tempting, we feel that it would degrade what our sole focus is – training future physicians. Because of this, we’ve made the decision to only focus on the medical school process.

Most other organizations you may turn to have medicine as a tiny focus of their core (think companies that also do SAT, LSAT, GMAT, Business School, etc) which degrades the quality and time they devote to the process of medical school admissions, MCAT and USMLE testing. When you are trusting your son or daughter to a consulting service, you want to make sure they are in good hands and there are none better than the ones at MedSchoolCoach.

What Parents Say About Us

See what other parents are saying about their experience with MedSchoolCoach:

“Our son, a recent Duke University graduate, is working on gaining admission to medical school. We found the counseling that we received from MedSchoolCoach to have been very personalized, insightful and helpful.”

“I hired MedSchoolCoach to help my daughter with her medical school application. They were excellent at helping her create a great personal statement, application and preparing her for her interviews. I highly recommend them, especially Dr. Frazier! I also liked that they were very honest with us from the beginning as to the strength of her application.”

“Thank you for your help and my daughter got acceptance for UMKC 6 yr medical program. Your inputs are very valuable right from the essay and of course mock interviews. Thank you again and it was wonderful working with you guys. I would definitely recommend and consider your services again for my son :)”

We have thousands of success stories that you can read about on our website, across forums and online review sites. For over 10 years, we’ve been the leaders in our space because we do not compromise on quality, and never will.

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