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PRE-MED COACH for High School Students

Our College and Physician Advisors provide continuous mentorship to ninth and tenth graders to help them build their personal brand for a standout application.

Maximize Your High School Journey with Personal Coaching

The Pre-Med Coach program provides extensive support to students via tailored sessions with College and Physician Advisors, addressing course selection, extracurriculars, mocks interviews, essay editing, and all necessary preparation for an outstanding college application. Additionally, it includes resources and tools that assist parents in understanding the college admissions process.

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Every student is paired with an experienced college advisor who guides them through the intricacies of the college search and application process.

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In addition to college advisors, students will also meet with a physician advisor to map out medicine-related experiences, summer programs, and potential passion projects.

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Through personalized monthly video calls, students work on their unique goals and receive tailored advice, building their confidence and enhancing their future competitiveness.

How the Pre-Med Coach Works

Sign Up Online

Once you sign-up, you'll fill out a detailed intake form that captures your academic achievements and aspirations.

Get Matched

Upon analyzing your intake form, we will pair you with a College and Physician Advisor best suited for your goals. Your assigned College Advisor will then initiate contact to schedule your first session.

Guidance Session

Together with your advisor, you will craft a strategy during a video guidance session. This session will leave you with a clear path and actionable steps for your pre-med journey.

Continuous Support

Based on your specific needs, we offer both short-term and long-term support, ensuring accountability at every step. Our goal is to assist you in navigating any challenges that may arise during your high school career.

BS/MD Program Strategic Advising

Some of Our Areas of Expertise

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Undergraduate Class Planning

Work with a Physician Advisor to plan pre-med prerequisites, courses needed for the MCAT, and other required courses.

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Extracurricular Activities

Get advice on activities that look impressive on your pre-med or BS/MD college application, and will help you grow individually and as a future doctor. Whether you are interested in community service, medical missions, or completing a research project, we can help!

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Summer Planning

Gain advice on leadership opportunities and internships to make your summers productive for your pre-med or BS/MD college application.

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Admissions Timeline

Once we review your transcript, resume, and background information, we can help determine your candidacy potential and advise you on the best time to apply.

Package Pricing

Invest in Your Medical School Future and Boost Your Odds of Getting Accepted!

Pre-Med Coach for High School
Personalized Mentorship Along Your Path to Acceptance

Starting at $667/mo with . Prequalify now

Advising and Consultations:
  • • Personalized attention via monthly calls with both Physician and College Advisors
  • • Unlimited access to your advisors via CHART, our proprietary communications hub
  • • Parent video call to cover expectations
Guidance and Personal Development:
  • • Customized course selection optimized for pre-med and/or Pre-BS/MD pathways
  • • Starting and navigating a passion project
  • • Creating an extracurricular profile that stands out
  • • Finding research, clinical, and volunteer opportunities
  • • Building a resume and LinkedIn profile
  • • Identifying and building relationships with prospective recommenders
Application and Interview Assistance:
  • • 2 Mock interview sessions
  • • Editing for a summer program essay by a Physician Advisor
  • • Comprehensive understanding of the college application process
Plus, you'll also receive:
Free Parent Guide on the College Admissions Process
10% discount on future MCAT tutoring or admissions advising packages

Not sure what you need? Speak with an enrollment team member.

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A Dual Approach for Maximum Success

Robert Rivas, MedSchoolCoach Tutor

Rob Rivas was the Assistant Director of Admissions at Williams College as well as the Director of Recruitment at Swarthmore College.

Kachiu Lee MD, MedSchoolCoach Advisor

Dr. Kachiu Lee is a practicing dermatologist and former admissions committee member for the Northwestern HPME program. She is the Director of BS/MD advising with MedSchoolCoach.

Meet Some of Our Team

Featured Advisor Profiles

Kachiu Lee MD, MedSchoolCoach Advisor
Kachiu Lee MD Director of Direct Med (BS/MD) Advising

Dr. Lee is a board-certified dermatologist and an assistant professor of dermatology at Brown University. Dr. Lee has a passion for medical education and also does research in developing new treatments for skin cancer.  She specializes in BS/MD admissions, with more than 95% of her clients getting interviews for BS/MD programs each cycle.  

View profile
Edward Jung, MedSchoolCoach Advisor
Edward Jung MD

Dr. Jung comes from a family of physicians. Both of his grandfathers, both of his parents, and his brother are MDs. Most of his uncles are doctors and most of his aunts are married to doctors. It is what inspires him to coach the next generation of physicians.

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Kavita Deonarine, MedSchoolCoach Advisor
Kavita Deonarine MD

Dr. Deonarine truly believes that Medicine is the highest calling and wants to help others achieve success in the pursuit of this goal.

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Yao Liu, MedSchoolCoach
Dr. Yao Liu Advisor

Dr. Liu graduated from Brown's 8-year Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME), where he reviewed admissions applications and interviewed students for Brown University. He has extensive experience in tutoring, career advising, and mentorship at the university, medical school, and residency level.

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The MedSchoolCoach Difference

Receive pre-med or BS/MD admissions support from actual physician advisors. The people reviewing your application are physicians, so those helping you prepare your application should also be.

No Limits

We do not believe in limiting your communication with your advisor. We are here for you and will provide as much help as you need.


We have served thousands of students and logged over 500,000 advising hours. No one has more experience than we do helping high school students get accepted into BS/MD programs.

Meet More of Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

MedSchoolCoach has a team of advisors who are physicians that have graduated from direct medical programs. Each of them has admissions committee experience. Our college advisors have served as admissions directors at some of the top schools in the country.

We recognize the complexity of the direct medical program application process and want our students to have the best resources possible to succeed. With direct medical programs (BA/MD, BS/MD, or BS/DO), applications are evaluated by two admissions committees. First, they are reviewed by the undergraduate admissions committees. If the student gains entry to the undergraduate institution, their application will be forwarded to the medical school’s BA/MD, BS/MD, or BS/DO admissions committees. While our physician advisors have experience on medical schools’ BA/MD, BS/MD, or BS/DO admissions committees, they do not have experience on undergraduate admissions committees. Therefore, students are also assigned a college advisor to help guide them through the undergraduate admissions process.

Our advising team works to ensure that every student is paired with the best advisor for their situation. You are free to request an advisor, and we will make every effort to accommodate. However, there are circumstances where an advisor may not be available or there may be a better advisor for your profile and questions than you’ve indicated, and our advising team will make that determination.

You will work directly with your Physician Advisor to schedule sessions that accommodate everyone’s schedules, which can include nights and weekends.

Yes, parent participation is welcome in various aspects of the process. However, particularly for Pre-Med Coach, we strongly encourage students to work with advisors independently so that they may learn new skills, such as strategic thinking, independence, and responsibility. These are the skills that medical schools look for in their applicants!

Guidance counselors can be a fantastic resource for students, however, there are a few key differences. Guidance counselors are almost never physicians, so they lack the real-world expertise of our advisors. Often, they are also tasked with guiding students broadly on every career path imaginable, so their knowledge of the specifics that medical schools are looking for can be limited. Finally, guidance counselors are often stretched thin, meeting with students for as little as 15 minutes every year, so they are unable to provide the personalized, in-depth guidance necessary for a successful application. Your personal MedSchoolCoach advisors provide custom feedback based on individual interests and needs and are always available.

The goal of our Pre-Med Coach product is to get you ready to put together a standout college application through multiple years of coaching and mentorship. The package does not include help with the actual application. However, all our Pre-Med Coach students are given a 10% discount on our admissions packages, and you will be extremely well positioned to put together a great application. Typically students will transition to an application package around January of their junior year.

Your child’s odds at admission will be best with extracurricular activities that combine their own passions and interests with scientifically relevant experiences. Their advisors will help you determine the right fit for your child.

They can communicate with you via CHART, our proprietary communications hub. They may also use phone and video conference. CHART allows for timeline management using a goal-oriented system to ensure everyone is on the same page. Parents/guardians also have their own login credentials to our comprehensive application management software platform, ensuring that they can track their child’s progress and communications with their college and physician advisors.

We have a 30-day refund policy, which allows you to meet with both your college and physician advisor to ensure that you’re satisfied with choosing MedSchoolCoach.


(888) 381-9509

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Learn why thousands of students have trusted us to help them on their journeys to becoming physicians.


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