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Institutional Partnerships

By offering our services, Institutional Partners ensure their student body has access to the best resources for academic success, enhancing their reputation as a leader in medical education.


Institutional partnerships empower institutions and foster the success of their students, elevating the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Case Studies

Meharry Medical College Logo

Meharry Medical's Initiative Boosts Diversity in Medicine

Meharry Medical College and MedSchoolCoach are tackling the underrepresentation of minorities in medicine. Addressing a gap where only 2.9% of medical students were Black males in 2019-20, this partnership is pivotal. They're implementing personalized learning plans and mentorship, utilizing Meharry's historic educational legacy and MedSchoolCoach's academic advising expertise. This focused approach aims to enhance standardized test scores and overall academic performance, paving the way for a significant, long-term increase in minority representation in the medical field.

UT Tyler Logo

UT Tyler Launches Pioneering MCAT Bootcamp

UT Tyler, in a groundbreaking collaboration with MedSchoolCoach, has introduced an MCAT Bootcamp Program, uniquely designed for rapid and comprehensive MCAT preparation and insight into medical school admissions. This initiative offers a deep dive into the MCAT, exploring subject sections, question types, and scoring, while also emphasizing the impact of the exam on medical school admissions. The bootcamp stands out for its focus on effective study strategies and tailored approaches to mastering the MCAT, setting students on a path to academic and professional success in the medical field.

U.S. Army logo

Guiding Premeds to Free Medical Education through the US Military

MedSchoolCoach and the US Army recently collaborated on webinars, drawing thousands of premeds interested in tuition-free medical education through military service. The sessions, led by military physicians and experts, highlighted the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS). They offered insights on attending medical school debt-free, leveraging military research opportunities, and fostering camaraderie while serving the country. MedSchoolCoach also provided guidance on boosting MCAT scores and enhancing medical school applications, crucial for students aiming to capitalize on these free education opportunities.

Wayne State SOM logo

Wayne State Tailors MCAT Prep for Aspiring Medics

Wayne State's innovative program is reshaping the future for underrepresented post-baccalaureate students. Focused on bridging the gap to medical school, this MCAT Group Course is designed to uplift students with the promise of medical success. It offers a blend of group lessons, individual tutoring, and tailored MCAT resources. The approach combines academic rigor with personal well-being, and is closely aligned with Wayne State's educational ethos. The program enhances MCAT preparation while also nurturing essential learning and study skills, setting a new standard for academic support and expecting to yield significant outcomes.

Charles Drew University (CDU) logo

CDU Forges a Path to MCAT and USMLE Success

Charles R. Drew University (CDU) and MedSchoolCoach teamed up to transform medical exam preparation. For CDU's Post Baccalaureate students, this meant access to cutting-edge MCAT resources like MCAT Go and the MCAT Prep App. Meanwhile, CDU's inaugural MD cohort received personalized USMLE tutoring. This strategic partnership provided a unique blend of self-study tools and individualized support, tailoring resources to each student's needs and setting a new standard in medical education preparation.

Grambling State University logo

Grambling State Paves New Paths in MCAT & Pre-Med Education

Grambling State University, in partnership with MedSchoolCoach, unveils a transformative MCAT program for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. This initiative, comprising 72 hours of live online sessions, focuses on mastering high-yield MCAT science content and CARS section strategies, supplemented by 8 hours of dedicated office hours for individual student needs. Accommodating up to 30 students, the program offers one-year access to vital MCAT tools like the MCAT Prep App, a half-length diagnostic, and three full-length practice exams, along with the MCAT Go audio course. This comprehensive approach aligns with Grambling State’s commitment to equipping aspiring medics for success.

Why Partner with MedSchoolCoach?

Unlock a wealth of opportunities by partnering with MedSchoolCoach, whether you’re assisting healthcare-focused high school students, pre-health or pre-med undergraduates, or future physicians in medical school. We are dedicated to helping students at all levels of their journey toward becoming a doctor. Here’s how:

Support at all stages

Comprehensive Support

MedSchoolCoach offers comprehensive support for students at all stages of their medical journey. From MCAT preparation to admissions application support, to achieving success on the USMLE and beyond, partnering with us ensures that your students have access to the very best tutors, advisors, educators, and resources to achieve their goals.

Medical school curriculum

Filling Curricular Gaps

Even the best institutions face challenges in delivering the most comprehensive medical education. MedSchoolCoach can fill any curricular gaps, ensuring that students receive the knowledge and guidance they need to excel in their studies.

Medical school reputation

Enhancing Your Institution’s Reputation

Partnering with MedSchoolCoach enhances your institution's reputation among pre-health students and boosts student outcomes in testing scores, acceptance rates, and residency placements. This makes your program a top choice for aspiring medical professionals.

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How Your Students Benefit


MedSchoolCoach offers a wide range of services customized to meet the unique needs and goals of partnering institutions. We engage in close collaboration with colleges and universities to ensure that our partnership is finely tuned to the unique needs of your student body.


Our expertise sets us apart as the premier choice for comprehensive medical education support. Here’s an overview of the pre-med and med school services we can offer:


Pre-Med Services

MCAT Tutoring and Preparation: Our one-on-one tutoring makes our MCAT coaching the most successful in the industry. Coupled with our MCAT Go mobile app and realistic MCAT practice exam, our service offering is the most robust in the market.

Application Support: Our expert Physician Advisors use their admissions committee experience to help pre-med students develop strong applications to medical programs. Students receive support through every step of the process, from choosing a school list to writing waitlist letters to secondaries for the best chance at an acceptance.

Strategic Planning: We help students strategically plan a gap year with optimized coursework and extracurriculars to boost their competitiveness.

Interview Preparation: We conduct realistic practice with Physician Advisors who have interviewed candidates for medical school for years. Students receive actionable feedback to hone their interview skills, no matter what format they’ll be facing (traditional, MMI, or both).

Personal Statement Editing: We help students craft authentic, compelling personal statement essays to maximize the limited character counts of this vital part of the medical school application.


Medical Student Support

USMLE Tutoring: We help MD students maximize their USMLE scores with rigorously selected expert tutors to match into their top residency choice.

COMLEX Tutoring: We prepare DO students for COMLEX with experienced tutors who are intimately familiar with COMLEX-USA sections and NBOME requirements.

Residency/ERAS Application Support: We help students create a perfect application with the expertise of our Physician Advisors who have been residency program directors.

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