Residency Match Support: Get Help From Physician Advisors

Residency Match Support

Match into a highly competitive residency program with comprehensive ERAS support from physician advisors.

Master the Match with Physician Advisors

MedSchoolCoach provides comprehensive help to help you match into the residency of your choice. Our experts will help you craft a compelling personal statement, edit your activities descriptions, develop a narrative for your secondaries, and portray your value through update letters and letters of intent.

Our Physician Advisors will use their admissions expertise to ensure you strategize and optimize your application every step of the way. Meanwhile, our Writing Advisors will guide you in refining your written application materials, paying special attention to how you showcase your experiences, organize your narrative, and develop your unique voice.

Together, your advisors work as a team for you, using their expertise and unique skill sets to ensure you will have a compelling and authentic application. Next step: Match into the perfect residency program for you.

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At MedSchoolCoach, our Physician Advisors are actual physicians who have served as Program Directors and Admission Committee Members for medical residency programs.

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Over the last five years, 97% of our students have matched in their specialty of choice. This is higher than the national average for both US graduates and IMGs.

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We believe in working comprehensively with our students, so we help you until your medical residency application is great. From personal statement editing to interview preparation to application review and everything in between, we don’t stop until your application stands out from the crowd.

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Your Physician Advisor will get to know you inside and out. This helps in developing the most cohesive application possible, one that accentuates your strengths and gives you the best chance at an acceptance.

Complete Application Support


Your Physician Advisor will help you strategize your application, covering everything you will need to become a competitive applicant in the residency application process. We will help you:

  • Target the right residency programs
  • Identify and fill gaps in your application
  • Plan your medical school coursework
  • Identify letters of recommendation (LORs)
  • Brainstorm ideas for noteworthy characteristics


The ERAS personal statement and activities section are crucial in a program director's evaluation of you. Your Physician Advisor and Writing Advisor will help you shape your story by:

  • Helping you brainstorm, draft, revise, and edit your personal statement
  • Improving your CV, ensuring it is complete and tailored for residency
  • Reviewing the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) for revisions
  • Editing your ERAS application


The interview is, perhaps, the most important part of the entire match process. According to 2023 NRMP data, the interpersonal skills, ethics, and professionalism displayed during the residency interview is one of the top factors program directors weigh during the residency application process.

Our Physician Advisors will support your interview prep by:

  • Conducting realistic mock sessions with you to prepare you for residency interviews
  • Helping you understand the questions you will be asked on mock interviews
  • Preparing you for your actual interview with former residency interviewers
Package Pricing

Invest in Your Future and Boost Your Odds of Getting Your Top Choice Residency!

Choose your advisor:

Planning Session


1 Hour of Personalized Attention with a Physician Advisor
Strategic Planning for the Match Process
Physician Advisor w/ Adcom Experience
Complete Residency Package


Video session for Personalized Attention with a Physician Advisor
Planning for Your Program List and Rank List
Access to Match a Resident to Develop a Data Driven Program List
Plus, you'll also receive:
Unlimited Messaging Throughout the Application Cycle
Personal Statement Editing (Up to 3 edits)
ERAS Application Editing (Up to 3 edits)
Strategic Selection of Your Top 3 Most Meaningful Experiences
1 Hour of Mock Interviews w/ Physician Advisors

Our advisors understand the residency admissions process for each specialty inside and out.

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Meet an Advisor

Dr. Katzen was an admissions committee member at George Washington University Medical School.

MedSchoolCoach has the experience:

15+ years of experience

12k students helped

97% match rate into choice of speciality

How We Help

We work with every student comprehensively through their residency application. Our goal is to help you build a stellar application and stand out in the pool.

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We learn about you extensively through our intake form. This helps us identify and understand your background, academic accomplishments, goals, and objectives so that we can pair you with the best advisors for your situation.
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We conduct sessions via online video conferencing, phone, and email. We will work with you to outline and develop a strategy for acceptance to the residency of your choice.
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We’ll help you develop a rank order list to offer you the best chance at landing the residency program that suits you most. Combining our in-depth knowledge of residency programs with a data-driven approach honed through working with thousands of applicants, we identify the right mix of programs, including back-up specialties, if applicable.
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Your Physician Advisor will help you brainstorm the best content for your personal statement. Then, they will provide comprehensive feedback on how to improve it until you have a great final product.
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Your medical school interview is one of the final hurdles to a successful match, and may be the most important one. Your Physician Advisors have served on admissions committees and will set you up for success by conducting mock interviews that simulate the real thing.
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Creating a rank list is your last step. Strategically building this list, reaching out to programs, and understanding the best options for you is part of our process.

Build Your ERAS

Throughout the process, you will have access to amazing Physician Advisors with invaluable personal insight as well as tools that have been created through helping thousands of applicants. They’ll help you build and submit your Match application materials online using the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

Complete Medical School Application Support


Complete Medical School Application Support


Complete Medical School Application Support


I have had an amazing experience with MedSchoolCoach. My coach was available whenever I needed him and offered great advice through the process. He has been invaluable whether it was essay editing, advice on where to apply or the countless random questions I had. I cannot recommend the service highly enough.

The proof is in the numbers

12,000 plus students cannot be wrong


match rate


match into one of their top five programs


client satisfaction rate over the last five years

Meet Some of Our Team

Featured Advisor Profiles

James Kelly MD, MedschoolCoach Advisor
James Kelly MD Associate Director of Advising

Dr. Kelly attended Georgetown University for both undergraduate and medical school. He completed his Ophthalmology residency at North Shore/Long Island Jewish and is now in private practice, as well as helping Ophthalmologists prepare for their oral boards. He enjoys traveling, live music, and sports.    

View profile
Ziggy Yoediono MD, MedSchoolCoach Master Advisor
Ziggy Yoediono MD Associate Director of Advising

Dr. Yoediono received his MD from the University of Rochester, and did his training at the Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency Program. He has worked at Duke as a pre-major advisor and admissions interviewer. Dr. Yoediono co-authored papers published in The New England Journal of Medicine and Academic Medicine.    

View profile
Susan Choo MD, MedschoolCoach Advisor
Susan Choo MD Associate Director of Advising

Dr. Choo completed her pre-med education at UC Berkeley and got her medical degree at UC San Diego. She is a board-certified pediatrician and has served on the admissions committee, reviewed applications, and worked with UC Irvine to teach and prepare students for the application process.    

View profile
Hilary McCrary, MedSchoolCoach Advisor
Hilary McCrary MD Associate Director of Advising

Dr. McCrary has prior admission committee experience at the University of Arizona and is a head and neck surgeon in-training. Prior feedback from medical students that have worked with her includes the following: "Dr. McCrary has excellent interpersonal skills and recognizes the needs of others."

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Murray Lieberman, MedSchoolCoach
Murray Lieberman, MD

Dr. Lieberman was a member of the clinical faculty at Georgetown for many years and has extensive experience helping students prepare for medical school interviews.

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How We Are Different

We only hire Physician Advisors with admissions committee experience. The people conducting your actual interviews will be physicians, so those helping you prepare should be as well.

No Limits

We do not believe in limiting your communication with your Physician Advisor. We are here for you when you need us.


We have served thousands of students and logged over 500,000 advising hours. No one has more experience with helping students than we do.

Want to meet more of the team?

Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on helping students become physicians. We have been doing this since 2007 with incredible success rates. Our Physician Advisors are actual physicians who have admissions committee experience, not medical students or guidance counselors who know little about medicine.

Your Physician Advisor will be an actual physician who has experience working with hundreds of students through the application process. You are welcome to request a specific Physician Advisor and we will do our best to accommodate it depending on availability.

With thousands of residency positions across the country, we cannot provide a definitive list of the programs. Using our customized and data-driven approach, we will help provide the resources and guidance for you to create a list of high-yield programs.

We offer comprehensive USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 prep and COMLEX tutoring. These packages are not included in our residency application support, but we encourage students to invest in them. Your scores are a major factor in being matched with the residency of your choice.

Yes, our Complete Residency Package (Comprehensive) is tailored to international medical graduates. There are a few additional steps and fees for IMGs to consider, and our Physician Advisors can help guide you through the process.

We do not provide any writing or editing of letters of recommendation. The letter of recommendation is an important document that allows a supervisor to directly communicate their opinions about you to program directors. We encourage applicants to have their professors write the letter themselves.

You will work directly with your Physician Advisor to schedule a day and time. Most Physician Advisors meet nights and weekends.

While an MBA can add a unique angle to your residency application, its value largely depends on your chosen medical field and how you apply the business knowledge. For residencies with a leadership or management focus, an MBA can be beneficial. But for purely clinical residencies, traditional factors like medical school performance, USMLE scores, and clinical rotations often matter more. Ultimately, pursuing an MBA requires significant time and financial investment, so carefully consider your career goals and desired residency program requirements before deciding.

Yes, parent involvement is welcome. However, this is less common with medical students than it is for the pre-med students we serve.

Nearly all residency programs use ERAS, an online portal provided by the AAMC. All medical students may access ERAS through their school’s dean’s office.

Yes, you may add on any a-la-carte service or upgrade to another package at any time.

The best way to increase your chances of a successful residency application is to hire MedSchoolCoach to work with a seasoned advisor to review each part of your application. To stand out for a residency, aim to participate in shadowing, extracurricular activities, and volunteer organizations that exemplify your commitment to your chosen specialty. Get plenty of research experience, and serve as a student leader whenever possible. Aim to maximize your USMLE Step 2 scores and excel during your clerkship rotations.

More Questions

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Need other help?

Our goal is to help you prepare a stellar application to stand out in the pool.

Strategic Planning

We provide advising and early planning to get you on the right track towards your medical school goals.


Essay Editing

Our Writing Advisors will help you draft and edit your personal statement.


Interview Preparation

Our Physician Advisors will prepare you for traditional and MMI interviews.

Not sure what you need? Speak with an enrollment team member.

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