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Student Association Partnerships

At MedSchoolCoach, we’re not just dedicated to guiding students on their path to becoming successful physicians. We’re also passionate about working hand-in-hand with organizations that share this purpose.

Our unwavering commitment to nurturing future healthcare professionals is at the heart of what we do. We invite you to explore how an alliance with MedSchoolCoach can empower your organization’s mission and open doors for your student members to excel on their journey.

Alisha K.
Alisha K.AED Secretary, University of Houston
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I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your contribution to making the MedSchoolCoach Collab event a resounding success. It was truly amazing working with you all, and your efforts made a significant impact. I am thrilled to let you know that numerous students approached us after the event, expressing their interest in learning more about MedSchoolCoach as a whole. Your dedication and hard work were instrumental in sparking this enthusiasm, and we couldn't have achieved this without you all!
Joyce H.
Joyce H.AMSA President, University of Texas at Austin
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The knowledge MedSchoolCoach shared is so valuable to our members! They loved it and they are so grateful for the opportunity to hear from you and ask questions.
Priya A.
Priya A.AED Pre-Health Honors Society President, Marquette University
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Thank you for the valuable time and engaging participation during our webinar. I'm especially grateful to MedSchoolCoach for sharing insightful resources and advice, which greatly benefited the students. Additionally, I appreciate the partnership with our organization and the coordination efforts that made this everything incredibly helpful for our students.
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Educational Content

Get physician-authored guidebooks and expert blog content to distribute to your audience.

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Physician Presentations

Attend live and virtual presentations tailored to your association's needs by notable Physician Advisors who have served on admissions committees.

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Courses and Apps

Attend premed and clinical courses to support future doctors on their medical journey, including complementary access to MCAT Prep Mobile and MCAT Practice Exam.

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Interactive Calculators

Embed our proprietary calculators directly to your website to help your students make smart decisions as they navigate their pre-med years.

Why Partner with MedSchoolCoach?

Whether you’re a local student chapter, national student association, or an organization working with a significant population of pre-meds, you can unlock opportunities for your members by partnering with MedSchoolCoach. Here’s how:

Support at all stages

Empowering Dreams in Healthcare

Through MedSchoolCoach complimentary services and access to physicians, students are empowered to chase their dreams in healthcare. The partnership fosters an environment where dreams become a reality, and students are inspired to achieve their fullest potential.

Tutoring and Advising

Access to Discounted Tutoring and Advising Services

As a partner, your organization can provide its student members with access to discounted tutoring and advising services. This empowers students to excel academically and thrive on their path to medical school.

Medical school reputation

Alignment with Your Organization's Mission

Collaborating with MedSchoolCoach aligns seamlessly with your organization's mission to support students pursuing careers in healthcare. By offering our services, you amplify the reach of your mission, providing even more students with the resources they need for medical excellence.

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National Student Associations

Join the many national student associations who partner with MedSchoolCoach each year. Learn more about some notable recent partnerships:

NSHSS logo

National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS)

NSHSS supports young academics on their journey to college and beyond as they prepare to become the leaders of tomorrow. In partnership with MedSchoolCoach, NSHSS connects its students who are interested in careers in prehealth and medicine with access to resources and physicians who can assist them on their medical school journey.
AMSA logo

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The American Medical Student Association supports, informs, and inspires medical students to become leaders. By partnering with MedSchoolCoach, their national members and local school groups gain access to physicians and resources that assist both premed and medical students in their journey to become physicians.
Global Medical Brigades

Global Medical Brigades

Global Medical Brigades enables students to enhance healthcare in underserved communities around the world. Working with MedSchoolCoach, they assist members in integrating their field experiences into med school applications, personal statements, essays, and interview responses, thereby enriching global healthcare and medical education.
AMWA logo

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

The American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) partners with MedSchoolCoach to provide medical and pre-med students with specialized resources and mentorship, enhancing their careers. This collaboration aligns with AMWA's mission to advance and support women in medicine and improve women's health.

Local Student Chapters

MedSchoolCoach collaborates extensively with a broad variety of schools and school groups to enhance the journey of university premed and medical students. We provide exclusive resources tailored to their medical school path.


Key offerings include presentations from real physicians, customized for each school group’s specific needs. Students benefit from comprehensive MCAT and USMLE exam preparation tools, courses aimed at increasing medical school acceptance and residency match rates, and guidebooks authored by physicians. Additionally, our partners can elevate their websites and newsletters with interactive calculators and tailored blog articles, all crafted to enhance their medical education and support their aspirations to become physicians.


We have local student chapters across the country. Participating schools include top performing universities including, but not limited to, the schools below. 

Marquette University logo
Rice University logo
University of Central Florida logo
UT Austin logo

Organizational Partners

We work with businesses who, while not student associations, cater to robust pre-medical and medical student populations. This helps both the business become more attractive to students who work with them and their students succeed in their med journey.


Here are a few of the partners we’ve worked with recently, along with an innovative strategy they employed to captivate their audience:

ProScribe logo


ProScribe and MedSchoolCoach have partnered to offer students interested in pursuing medicine opportunities to shadow physicians, contribute to patient healthcare, and access MedSchoolCoach's unique content, which is designed to assist them in gaining admission to medical school. logo serves as an interactive platform for aspiring and current medical students, offering a wealth of resources, forums, and guidance for their medical school journey. MedSchoolCoach utilizes this platform to connect with their student audience, providing access to physicians and a variety of student resources.
True Learn logo


TrueLearn offers online test prep and assessment for medical and pharmacy students, focusing on board exams and licensing tests. In a collaboration with MedSchoolCoach, they helped guide students in preparing for USMLE and COMLEX, addressing the exams, timing decisions, and performance enhancement strategies.
OnlineMedEd logo

Online MedEd

MedSchoolCoach and OnlineMedEd collaborated to offer a program providing personalized tutoring for medical students. This partnership aimed to boost board exam scores through one-on-one expert guidance, combining the strengths of both organizations for enhanced medical education outcomes.

Other business organizations that we partner with or have actively engaged with recently include ForeverX, Match a Resident, MEDtube, ProspectiveDoctor, SoFi and Virtual Internships.

How Your Members Benefit

MedSchoolCoach offers a comprehensive set of services tailored to meet the unique needs of partnering organizations. We work collaboratively with organizations to ensure that the partnership aligns with your goals and objectives. From MCAT tutoring to advising to board prep, no one has more experience and expertise than we do. Here’s an overview:

High School Student Services

College Application Prep: We help students with their college applications to maximize their chances of attending their dream pre-med program.

BS/MD Application Support: We help students boost their chances of getting selected into a highly competitive direct medical program.

Interview Preparation: We offer personal interview guidance and simulate a realistic BS/MD interview experience with our Physician Advisors.

Strategic Planning: We help students optimize their pre-med journey with our expert Physician Advisors so they know the steps to take between freshman orientation to being successfully accepted to medical school.


Pre-Med Services

MCAT Tutoring and Preparation: Our one-on-one tutoring makes our MCAT coaching the most successful in the industry. Coupled with our MCAT Go mobile app and realistic MCAT practice exam, our service offering is the most robust in the market.

Application Support: Our expert Physician Advisors use their admissions committee experience to help pre-med students develop strong applications to medical programs. Students receive support through every step of the process, from choosing a school list to writing waitlist letters to secondaries for the best chance at an acceptance.

Strategic Planning: We help students strategically plan a gap year with optimized coursework and extracurriculars to boost their competitiveness.

Interview Preparation: We conduct realistic practice with Physician Advisors who have interviewed candidates for medical school for years. Students receive actionable feedback to hone their interview skills, no matter what format they’ll be facing (traditional, MMI, or both).

Personal Statement Editing: We help students craft authentic, compelling personal statement essays to maximize the limited character counts of this vital part of the medical school application.


Medical Student Support


USMLE Tutoring: We help MD students maximize their USMLE scores with rigorously selected expert tutors to match into their top residency choice.

COMLEX Tutoring: We prepare DO students for COMLEX with experienced tutors who are intimately familiar with COMLEX-USA sections and NBOME requirements.

Residency/ERAS Application Support: We help students create a perfect application with the expertise of our Physician Advisors who have been residency program directors.

Partner with MedSchoolCoach Today

Our team is ready to assist your organization in exploring the many possibilities a partnership could provide. Begin the conversation today. Just fill out the contact form below.

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