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By combining years of MCAT expertise and unparalleled AAMC knowledge with a perfect technical simulation, we’ve created hundreds of unique passages and questions that replicate the actual MCAT for the most representative MCAT practice exam available.

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Access incredibly realistic MCAT practice exams.

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Our analytics will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can tailor your study planning. Evaluate your timing, performance across AAMC categories, and topic mastery quickly and easily. Using these tools, you’ll be able to adapt for your next MCAT practice exam and for the real deal.

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In MCAT prep, the last thing you want to worry about is surprises. Our exams were painstakingly built to replicate the AAMC with regard to content coverage, passage length and style, difficulty, and a host of other metrics. Better yet, all of this is presented in an interface indistinguishable from the official MCAT exam.

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Detailed Explanations

Our carefully-written explanations help you you learn from each question, from both correct and incorrect answers. In CARS, clear paragraph summaries are provided to solidify the crucial skills of determining central points, interpreting opinions, and noticing contrasts.

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Best-in-Class Expertise

At MedSchoolCoach, amazing materials creation is serious business. Our content developers have spent years teaching classes, tutoring students, writing passages and architecting courses, and immersing themselves in all other facets of the MCAT prep world. As former premeds, we’ve also been where you are today, so we understand the struggle and know exactly what you need to excel.

Medical College Admission Test - Medical school

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MCAT Practice Exams

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Practice makes perfect! Our representative exams coupled with thorough explanations and in-depth analytics help students understand exactly where they stand.


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An audio learning experience by MedSchoolCoach unlike anything else out there. Comprehensive science coverage, quizzes, playlists, and more—stay tuned!

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