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General Questions

MedSchoolCoach was founded on the principle of doctors helping future doctors. To do this successfully, we believe in exceptional mentorship and guidance. Additionally, because our entire company is focused on medical education, we are experts in this area. Our knowledge, support, and honesty is why we have the best track record around.

Refund Policy for Services Purchased after 5/1/2021:

  • All refund requests must be initiated within 30 days of purchasing services. No refunds can be issued after this time, but can be processed as MedSchoolCoach credits as below.  Refunds cannot be issued for services already provided in any circumstance.
  • If a refund is requested within 30 days of purchasing services, the refund amount is at the discretion of MedSchoolCoach; for tutoring students, refunds are calculated based on unused hours (each hour is charged at the lowest tier package hourly rate). For advising students, refunds are calculated based on any services rendered. All refunds will be subject to an additional 5% administrative/processing fee.
  • Any cancellation of services after 30 days will be processed as “MedSchoolCoach credits”. MedSchoolCoach credits can be used towards any MedSchoolCoach services for a period of two years and are eligible to transfer to friends or family. Credits can only be converted one time to other services.
  • Note, for advising students who are currently on a waitlist for a medical school and signing up for services for the next application cycle, we allow up to 120 days to initiate a refund request if the student is accepted off a waitlist to attend medical school (proof of acceptance is required). In these cases, refunds are provided based on the services utilized to date.

For more information, please visit our Terms of Service.

If you have purchased the Platinum Advising Package, followed the advice of your advisors, and was not accepted into medical school, you will be eligible to work with MedSchoolCoach again on the primary application the following year at no cost! View the full terms of our Platinum Package Promise.

If you are working with us through our Silver packages and above, have used all of your hours, and your score does not increase, we will provide 10 more hours of tutoring at no additional charge. See the full details of the MedSchoolCoach Tutoring Guarantees.

View our full Terms of Service.

Medical School Application Advising

Your Physician Advisor will be a physician with admissions committee experience. Your Writing Advisor will have years of experience with multiple writing forms. We select advisors who will be best suited to help you!

Yes! Our Physician Advisors are actual physicians with admissions experience.

We track our students progress continually. Our latest application cycle data shows that 98% of students who purchased our packages received at least an interview invite, while 94% received at least one acceptance to medical school.

We strive to return edits as fast as possible complete with comprehensive, high-quality feedback. Usually, that takes around 72 hours.

Advising sessions can be conducted via video conference or phone.

We have a comprehensive application tracking system complete with goals, to-do lists, and messaging capabilities so you know where you stand at all times.

Medical School, USMLE and COMLEX Tutoring

Your USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores are extremely important, so you want to ensure that you put yourself in a position to succeed. Having a solid understanding of basic physiology and medical concepts is key to performing well on the USMLE exams. The best way to learn these concepts is during your preclinical years. Several of our tutors have worked with students throughout their preclinical courses and these students went on to score very well on the USMLE exams.

As an IMG, your USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK scores play an even larger role than those of a U.S. graduate. In fact, these exams are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you are capable of performing at a high level and that you should be considered above all other applicants. In order to perform well on the USMLE exams, we will ensure you have a solid understanding of basic physiology and medical concepts. Additionally, several of our tutors have extensive experience working with international students.

Yes! We pride ourselves on being able to offer a personalized learning experience to all of our students. We provide dedicated, one-on-one private tutoring sessions that are tailored directly to your needs.

Yes, you can spend your first session with your tutor creating a comprehensive study plan that is tailored to your needs.

Yes, our tutors are very familiar with available resources and will be able to advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of different study materials.

All of our tutors must have scores in the top percentiles on their USMLE exams, have extensive teaching and tutoring experience, and undergo a rigorous selection process. Moreover, we select tutors who are passionate and committed to helping you succeed!

No, we do not offer in-person classes because we believe that it is an ineffective use of your time. Each session and lesson is tailored personally to your individual needs. Instead, we conduct one-on-one customized tutoring sessions through video conferencing.

We pair students with tutors who have similar availability and interests. Students are welcome to switch to a different tutor if they desire. If there is a particular tutor that you would like to work with, then we will make an effort to pair you with them when availability allows.

Tutors who have worked with MedSchoolCoach for an extended period of time, have an impeccable record of success, and have extensive experience working with students who are in challenging situations or have specific needs are designated as Master Tutors.

One of the benefits of personalized tutoring is that you will be able to directly coordinate with your tutor to schedule sessions. These sessions may be during the day or at night, depending on what works best for you and your tutor.

We have a variety of options in order to best meet your needs. We offer three packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and can arrange larger packages as well. We also offer hourly tutoring if desired. If you would like some advice on what package will best fit your needs, schedule a free consultation with a member of our Enrollment Team.

We offer free 15-minute phone consultations with the Director of Medical School Tutoring who can answer any questions that you may have about tutoring. Schedule a free consultation with a member of our Enrollment Team and they can help you get started. If you want to try a few hours prior to purchasing a package, we also offer hourly tutoring sessions.

MCAT Tutoring

Our tutors are chosen based on a rigorous selection process. First, they must have an MCAT score in the 98th percentile or better. Then, they move through multiple interviews, mock teaching sessions, and reference checks. Finally, they complete a comprehensive training program of more than 50 hours.

This is private MCAT tutoring and a video course! We dedicate ourselves to intense, one-on-one private MCAT tutoring while providing the additional benefit of a comprehensive, high-yield MCAT video course.

All of our Tutors have to score greater than a 130 in each individual section they tutor and have an average score that is greater than the 98th percentile on the MCAT. Our Master Tutors have done that and have extensive experience in raising student scores. They have either tutored for more than five years, developed MCAT content questions, or have achieved perfect ratings from our students.

No, we do not offer in-person classes as we believe it is not an effective use of your time. Our tutoring sessions can be conducted anywhere in the world with our video conferencing and whiteboard software. In addition, your recorded sessions are available on your computer as well as your mobile device.

Yes, depending on their availability. Make your request and we will do our best to pair them with you.

Each student has different tutoring needs, so we provide a variety of options to fit your needs from eight hours to more than 60 hours. Most students sign up for 45 hours of tutoring.

Yes. CARS is an essential part of the MCAT. Your Tutor can help you maximize your score on this section. We even have additional material for those struggling with the CARS section to help you score higher.

You will schedule your individual sessions online. Sessions can occur day or night, depending on you and your Tutor’s availability.

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