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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

MedSchoolCoach was founded on the principle of doctors helping future doctors. That means first and foremost, we believe in amazing mentorship and guidance. We always go above and beyond for the student rather than focus on “profits”.

We focus on just 1 thing – medicine. We are the absolute experts because our entire being is concentrated in just this one area, not over multiple career pathways and test types.

We strive to not win over clients with hyperbole such as our competitors do, but rather the genuine honestly that you should expect from your own physician. That is why we’ve been able to do this for 12+ years and have the best track record around.

We work extremely hard to ensure the success and happiness of every client. That is why we are almost never asked for a refund! Here is our general policy:

  • Refunds cannot be issued for services already rendered
  • Any refund requests must be initiated within 30 days of the purchase of the service
  • Refunds cannot be issued after 60 days, however we can convert unused service into MedSchoolCoach credit
  • Refunds CAN be issued if you are a reapplicant who is on the waitlist and decides to reapply, but are accepted off a waitlist. Refunds are calculated on a times used basis in this scenario

If you have purchased the Platinum Advising package, followed the advise of your coach and were not accepted into medical school, you will be eligible to work with us again through the primary application the following year at no cost! You can view our full Terms of Platinum Package Promise here.

We have easy to understand and simple tutoring guarantees. If you are signed up for a package with 25 hours or more of tutoring, but your score doesn’t increase, we’ll work with you again for 10 hours at no additional charge! You can find full details here.

We try our hardest not to have any legal jumble, but every once in a while it’s needed. You can view our full Terms of Service here.

Medical School Application Advising

Your advisor will be a physician with admissions committee experience. He or she will be the person we feel best suited to help you!

Yes! Our advisors are actual physicians – that is why our results are so good.

We track our students progress continually. Here is our latest data from 2017/2018 application cycle. 98% of students who used us for packages got at least an interview invite. 94% who used us for packages got at least 1 acceptance to medical school!

We strive to turn around edits as fast as possible with good, quality feedback. Usually, that takes around 72 hours.

Advising sessions are conducted via Zoom video conference or phone!

We have a comprehensive application tracking system with goals, to dos and messaging so you know where you stand at all times!

Medical School, USMLE and COMLEX Tutoring

Since your USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores are extremely important, you want to ensure that you put yourself in a position to score well on these exams. Having a solid understanding of basic physiology and medical concepts is key to performing well on the USMLE exams. The best way to learn these concepts is throughout your preclinical years and we can help you with this. Several of our tutors have worked with students throughout their preclinical courses and these students went on to score very well on the USMLE exams.

As an IMG, your USMLE Step 1 and 2 CK scores play an even bigger role than for a US graduate. In fact, these exams are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you are capable of performing at a high level and that you should be considered amongst all other applicants. Having a solid understanding of basic physiology and medical concepts is key to performing well on the USMLE exams. The best way to learn these concepts is throughout your preclinical years. Several of our tutors have extensive experience working with international students.

Yes! We pride ourselves on being able to offer a personalized learning experience to all of our students. We do this by dedicating ourselves to intense, one-on-one private tutoring sessions that are tailored directly to your needs.

Yes, you can spend your first session with your tutor creating a comprehensive study plan that is tailored towards your needs.

Yes, our tutors are very familiar with resources and will be able to advise you on the strengths and weakness of different study materials.

All of our tutors scored in the top percentiles on their USMLE exams, have extensive teaching and tutoring experience, and undergo a rigorous selection process. Moreover, we select tutors who are passionate and committed to helping you succeed!

No, we do not offer in person class because we do not believe that it is an effective use of your time. Instead, your tutoring sessions can be done anywhere in the world with our video conferencing software and each session and lesson is tailored directly to your individual needs.

We pair students with tutors who have similar availability and interests. Students are welcome to switch to a different tutor if they desire, but this very rarely occurs. If there is a particular tutor that you would like to work with then we will make an effort to pair you with him or her when availability allows.

All of the tutors at MedSchoolCoach are exceptional and have been rigorously selected among many applicants. Our Master Tutors have worked with MedSchoolCoach for an extended period of time and their students have had an impeccable record of success. Our Master Tutors have extensive experience working with students who are in challenging situations or have specific needs.

One of the benefits of personalized tutoring is that you will be able to directly coordinate with your tutor to schedule sessions. That means that these sessions may be during the day or at night, depending on what works best for you and your tutor.

Each student is different and we have a variety of options in order to best meet your needs. We offer three packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and can arrange larger packages as well. Most students opt for a Silver or Gold package but we also offer “per hour” tutoring if desired. If you would like some advising on what package best fits your needs you can contact us here.

We offer free 15-minute phone consultations with our Director of USMLE Tutoring, who can answer any additional questions that you may have about MedSchoolCoach USMLE Tutoring. You can schedule one by clicking here. For students who would still like to trial a few hours prior to purchasing a package, we also offer “per hour” tutoring.

MCAT Tutoring

Our tutors are chosen in the most rigorous way possible. They have to have scored in the 98th percentile or better. Then, they have to go through multiple interviews, mock teaching sessions and reference checks. Finally, they are put through a 50+ hour training program before they are allowed to tutor.

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