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Platinum Package Promise

The Platinum Package Promise is our all inclusive premier package. Our advisors will guide you through every step of the application process from start to finish.

This includes filling out your AMCAS/AACOMAS/TMDSAS application, helping brainstorm and write your activities sections, crafting a great personal statement and putting together great secondary essays.

Our advisors will also provide you help in selecting which schools to apply to, learning how to excel during the interview, understanding what kind of post interview communication schools prefer and finally selecting which school to matriculate at. This is an everything included package that gets results!

The Platinum Package is especially attractive for borderline or second time applicants, but is perfect for anyone looking for an edge.

Brief overview of what is included

  • We have a preliminary meeting reviewing your statistics (GPA and MCAT), extracurricular, career goals, school preferences, etc
  • We also review your entire application from the previous year if applicable, including the schools you applied to and interviewed at
  • Based on this information we create customized list of schools where you should apply
  • We help you brainstorm, write and edit your entire activities section so that your application stands out
  • Together, we come up with a great personal statement topic. We then completely rip apart the personal statement for content, grammar and style. We edit and re-edit the essay until both parties are happy with the results
  • We help you choose the correct letters of recommendation for each school
  • Once secondaries applications start, we guide you through every school’s questions. We help you come up with unique answers to their generic questions
  • When it’s interview time, we prepare you to do great. We will set up multiple mock interviews until you are comfortable with the process, the questions and the potential answers
  • Throughout the entire process, we keep you on target with dates and deadlines
  • When your acceptance rolls in, we celebrate!

Conditions & Restrictions

To qualify, you must meet the following requirements along with following all the advice given by your physician advisor.

If applying only to MD schools

  • Min GPA: 3.4
  • Min MCAT: 502

If applying to MD and DO schools

  • Min GPA: 3.2
  • Min MCAT: 500

If you are not accepted to medical school the first time you apply with our help, starting after March 1st of the next year we will work with you through the primary application at no cost. This includes rewrite of your personal statement, activities section and school selection. No secondary applications or interview preparation will be provided the second year, although it can be added if you wish.

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