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Amar Mandalia MD Master Advisor

Amar Mandalia MD, MedschoolCoach Advisor
Dr. Mandalia was a member of the University of Miami Admissions Committee.

Coach's bio

Dr. Mandalia graduated magna cum laude with a triple degree in Biochemistry, Biology, and Political Science from the University of Miami. His extensive experience in teaching includes serving as an undergraduate Chemistry Lab teaching assistant and as a private tutor. He graduated from University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, where he also served as a member of the admissions committee.

He has extensive experience in evaluating applications and interviewing applicants for admission into medical school. He has an extensive research interest in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Fecal Matter Transplants for Clostridium Colitis infections.

Dr. Mandalia is also an accomplished medical writer having successfully published multiple manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Mandalia completed his Internal Medicine Residency training at the prestigious Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently completing fellowship training in Gastroenterology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Student Reviews

I was actually hesitant when I first used MedSchoolCoach; it was a lot of money and I wasn't sure how much help I really needed. I am so glad that I ended up using their services! My advisor was phenomenal and helped me navigate the shipwreck that is medical school admissions even in the most challenging of times. The advice, edits, and support that I received though med school coach undoubtedly aided in my success to attend my top choice allopathic program in the fall.


BS- University of Miami
Medical School:
MD- University of Miami
Emory University




Dr. Mandalia is an accomplished medical writer having successfully published multiple manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.

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