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Did you take the FREE AAMC Sample Test? Use this calculator to enter your correct answers and see how your results convert to a scaled simulated MCAT score and what percentile you rank into.

Need another resource? Check out our free half-length exam.

Was Your MCAT Score What You Expected?

Learn how private MCAT tutoring from the best tutors in the country can coach you with one-on-one tutoring that’s guaranteed to boost your score!

If you are already a MedSchoolCoach student, your MCAT tutor will review your Sample Test Score to understand where you need the most help. Be sure to take this free Sample Test as a diagnostic prior to beginning tutoring to allow you and your tutor to hit the ground running during your very first session!

Studying For the MCAT Is Hard! MedSchoolCoach Can Help

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Students who do well on the MCAT typically spend between 200-300 hours preparing if they go it alone. As many as 50% of students take the MCAT a second or third time due to inadequate preparation or the desire to increase their score.

Because every student’s studying habits are different, a professional MCAT tutor can increase your chance of success. The tutors at MedSchoolCoach ranked in the 99th percentile on their own MCATs, and they all scored between 130-132 on the sections of the exam they tutor.

Students who use MedSchoolCoach spend about 40+ hours studying with a personal tutor, and raise their MCAT score by an average of 12 points. 

MCAT one-on-one tutoring can be extremely effective for learning how to study better and raise your MCAT score.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Into Medical School?

Our Medical School Chance Predictor helps medical school applicants determine their own chances and the range of schools they should consider applying to.

Schedule your free consultation for admissions advising or MCAT tutoring today! 

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