Senior vs Master vs Director Level Advisors at MedSchoolCoach

Senior vs Master vs Director Level Advisors

Senior Level

  • Physician (MD or DO)
  • Former Admissions Committee Member
  • Former Admissions Interviewer
  • Extensive mentoring background and work with pre-medical students
  • Turn-around times for essays edits in 72-96 hours

Master Level

  • Everything in Senior Advisor plus
  • Exclusive work with MedSchoolCoach for 3+ years
  • Longer track record of highly successful students through the process
  • Specialized experience to help students across the spectrum (ie those who are targetting top tier schools or those students who are borderline candidates)
  • Turn-around times for essay edits in 48-72 hours on average

Director Level

  • Everything in Master Level plus
  • Full-time dedicated to MedSchoolCoach Students
  • Exclusive work with MedSchoolCoach for 5+ years
  • Perfect student reviews for 5+ years
  • Developed MedSchoolCoach curriculum, train senior and master level advisors
  • Extensive experience in helping in unique and challenging applicant situations as well as applicants who are looking to achieve "beyond their grades and MCAT score"

Success rates for all advisors are in the 90%+ range on our most extensive packages. Many times, our Master and Director level advisors are taking on clients who are more borderline, therefore a direct comparison of success rates from one to another level is not really relevant.

Absolutely not! Our Senior Level advisors are physicians with admissions committee experience and have mentored students throughout their careers. They are exceptional in every way, having gone through a rigorous screening and training process. You can rest assured your application will be GREAT with any MedSchoolCoach advisor!

Many of our students request working with one of our Master or Director Level advisors because of their long track record and perfect student reviews. Our pricing structure reflects this as they have limited availability.

You can find a full list of our advisors and their level by clicking here

Yes, we are happy to help you get matched to the advisor of your choice! Often times, our Director of Advising can make recommendations on who will be the best match for you as well. Advisors do have limited availability, especially as the application season moves on. 

No problem! Our Enrollment Team would be happy to answer questions for you.

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