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Why do you need MedSchoolCoach?

Our program works! The results speak for themselves.

Why Hire MedSchoolCoach

A Brilliant Team

Our team is composed of physicians who have graduated from the top medical schools in the country, worked on admission committees, and are now working at the best medical centers around the USA. Their expertise and success are now on your side. These are the people you want taking care of you and the people you want helping you get into medical school!


MedSchoolCoach Doctors

Real Medical Experience

When you work with MedSchoolCoach, you are working with actual physicians and advanced standing medical students who know the admissions process and the world of medicine. Other companies have guidance counselors and Zoology PhDs helping you through the process. You want someone helping you who knows the process and knows how medicine is practiced today.


Great Results

Our results speak for themselves. We have helped hundreds of premeds get into medical school by working with them through various parts of the medical school application process. Our students are uniformly thrilled to have signed up with MedSchoolCoach and recommend us to their friends. We genuinely share in the joy and excitement of them and their families when they receive an acceptance.


What We Do

Medical School Advising
We help you game plan for the complicated and frustrating medical school admissions process.
Medical School Essay Editing
MedSchoolCoach can help you write a personal statement and activities section that stands from the crowd
Medical School Interview Preparation
Our medical school interview preparation is with former admissions members who know the questions you will be asked.
Complete Packages
Our complete packages take you through the entire medical school admissions process from start to finish.

Help where you need it most

We can help you through any part of the application process.

Real Testimonials

Gold Package

Our Gold Package is our all inclusive approach to helping you get into medical school. Our advisors work tirelessly to ensure that our clients succeed and the results prove it. 89% acceptance to MD schools, 100% to DO schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are your advisors?

    Our advisors are physicians who have experience on admission committees as well as senior level medical students who also have medical admissions committee experience. Their names, qualifications and faces are open for you to see, unlike many anonymous medical school admissions consultants.
  • What is your success rate?

    We get this question all the time so we devoted an entire page to it. Please click here for more information about our success rates.
  • What services do you offer?

    We offer services for any part of the medical school application process. That includes high school students who are applying to direct BS/MD programs, junior level college students who are in the premed planning stages, and of course, senior college students who are looking to get into medical school. We help with the medical school personal statement, interview preparation, secondary essays and more!
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More of Our Advisors

Meet a Few of Our Advisors

Benjamin Rafii
Benjamin Rafii MD

M.D. – Stanford University
Residency – NYU


Michael Frazier MD

B.S. – Brigham Young University
M.D. – University of California Los Angeles


Brian Wu MD PhD
Brian Wu

B.S. – University of Maryland
M.D./PhD – University of Southern California


Monica Enamandram Harvard
Monica Enamandram MD

B.S. – Yale University
M.D. – Harvard University


Where have your clients been accepted?

MedSchoolCoach clients have been accepted all over the country!