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The Most Common Mistake MCAT Students Make

Today’s guest post is from MedSchoolCoach partner Next Step Test Preparation. Next Step provides a comprehensive one-on-one MCAT tutor program nationwide. MCAT students overwhelmingly make one common mistake that hurts them more than any other. Simply put, they don’t...

How to Start Prepping for the MCAT as a Pre-Med

When most people think of MCAT test preparation, they bring to mind a brief process that can be condensed into the two months preceding their official test date. From this perspective, MCAT test preparation is a blur of subject review, practice tests, and problem sets – and...

Ways to Incorporate MCAT Prep Into Your Daily Routine

In a perfect world, everyone who wanted to take the MCAT would be able to take a 3-month break from work, school, kids, and anything else that might be going on in their lives in order to study 40 hours per week for the test. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and very...

Guest Post – 5 Tips for MCAT Prep

5 Tips for MCAT Prep The MCAT: the daunting test that hangs over every pre-medical student’s head. Diligently studying for the MCAT is a signifier of one’s commitment to medicine, but students often find it difficult to prepare in a regimented, focused, coherent manner wh...

Tips for Studying for the MCAT

The following is a guest post from our friends at MyGuruEdge Five Tips for Studying for the MCAT The MCAT is one of the biggest obstacles on your way to getting into medical school. If you have decided to do something as fun and amazing as going to medical school then you need to...

Recommended MCAT and PreMed Books

MCAT Books Recommendations We are constantly asked to recommend the best MCAT preparation books and the best books for a premedical student to have. The truth of the answer is that no one book fits all. Every MCAT preparation book has a slightly different style, so it’s...

The New MCAT

The new MCAT (medical college admissions test) is a hot topic right now. The New York Times just wrote an extensive article on it ( as did the NEJM. The MCAT in...

Free Kaplan MCAT Study Books

Check out for free MCAT study books until 1/17/2011. For a full list check out The following medicine books are available: ISBN 13 Free Kaplan ebook titles: Author 9781607143994 Cleveland Clinic...