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Masterclass: How to Master Your Secondary Applications in 2022


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It’s secondary application season; that means it’s time to get that pen and paper (or Google Docs and a large coffee) readyIf you are like most students, you are

  • Frustrated by answering the same questions (didn’t I just answer this on the AMCAS!)?
  • Confused about why this school prompts (because it’s a medical school!)?
  • Wondering what your biggest challenge in life has been?
  • Trying to figure out what diversity you add to the incoming class…

Watch this Free On-Demand Masterclass Now where Drs. Katzen and Marinelli take you through how to answer these questions and more including:

  • The ins and outs of secondary applications, including what schools are looking for
  • Info on what is expected during this time of year and what comes next
  • All the tips and tricks on how to manage the flood of essays coming your way

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