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Ayan Dey MD PhDAdvisor

Dr. Dey has been a medical school consultant since 2014, coaching many applicants to success in both MD and MD+ programs across Canada. He also has experience working with international medical graduates and MD/Ph.D. candidates.

Ayan Dey, MedSchoolCoach

What Students Say

I was actually hesitant when I first used MedSchoolCoach; it was a lot of money and I wasn't sure how much help I really needed. I am so glad that I ended up using their services! My advisor was phenomenal and helped me navigate the shipwreck that is medical school admissions even in the most challenging of times. The advice, edits, and support that I received though med school coach undoubtedly aided in my success to attend my top choice allopathic program in the fall.


Dr. Dey is currently a senior psychiatry resident at the University of Toronto where he is primarily based out of Sunnybrook Hospital. He continues to be actively involved in research and has clinical and academic interests in neuropsychiatry, measurement-based care, quality improvement, sleep disorders, cognitive rehabilitation, acquired brain injury, and cultural psychiatry.

Dr. Dey completed his undergraduate degree in psychology, neuroscience and behaviour at McMaster University in 2011 before joining the University of Toronto’s MD/Ph.D. program. He completed his PhD in cognitive neuroscience via the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto under the supervision of clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Brian Levine, at the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest. He was co-supervised by cognitive neurologist, Dr. Sandra Black, at Sunnybrook Hospital. His Ph.D. centered on using functional neuroimaging (functional MRI and EEG) combined with detailed cognitive testing to study individual differences in cognition among older adults with vascular risk factors. In addition to his doctoral research, Dr. Dey was involved in various quality improvement projects while in medical school and co-founded IREACH, a medical student initiative aimed at breaking down barriers to accessing healthcare for newcomers and refugees.

Throughout his training Dr. Dey has won numerous awards from organizations, including CIHR, the Canadian Psychological Association, Canadian Blood Services, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. He has published several well cited research articles as well as several book chapters.

Outside of academics, Dr. Dey is a big proponent of physician financial literacy and is involved in initiatives related to mental health for South Asians and new immigrants.


Undergraduate: McMaster University

Graduate: University of Toronto

Fun Fact

I'm a photographer and enjoy playing squash and travelling. I have explored over 30 countries.

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