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Jennifer Speegle Director of Writing and College Advising

Jennifer Wyatt-Speegle has over 13 years of experience working in education, including teaching writing and research courses at UC San Diego and developing English Language Arts curriculum for StudySync, a national education publisher.

Jennifer Speegle, MedSchoolCoach Tutor

What Students Say

I was actually hesitant when I first used MedSchoolCoach; it was a lot of money and I wasn't sure how much help I really needed. I am so glad that I ended up using their services! My advisor was phenomenal and helped me navigate the shipwreck that is medical school admissions even in the most challenging of times. The advice, edits, and support that I received though med school coach undoubtedly aided in my success to attend my top choice allopathic program in the fall.


Before Jennifer got her start in education, she worked as a restaurant manager at the “Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland. While she had committed over six years to this role, she had been unable to her undergraduate degree because of it. So, she quit her job in 2008 and made a quick transition to working in special education and attending classes at a local community college. While it was an uncertain time, Jennifer was confident that it was the right choice for her future.

Eventually, she transferred to California State University, Los Angeles, where she specialized in Latin American history, presented at two research conferences, and was the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the university’s historical research journal. After graduating summa cum laude with her BA in 2012, she started her graduate program at the University of California, San Diego. While there, she instructed undergraduate writing and research courses and produced original research on women’s production of art and identity in Mexico. Once she completed her MA in 2017, she pivoted to curriculum, admissions consulting, and test prep.

Wanting to expand her skillset, Jennifer worked for StudySync, a forward-thinking educational publisher. While there, she developed English Language Arts curriculum for school districts across the United States. In addition, she tutored high school students on SAT/ACT test prep and advised them on writing personal statements. In 2020, Jennifer joined the MedSchoolCoach team as a writing advisor, helping students applying to medical school produce authentic and compelling written application materials. She was then tapped to lead the writing advisor team, building a 40-person team from the ground up. Today, she is the  Director of Writing and College Advising, where her role now includes leading the college advising team as well.

Jennifer enjoys helping students find their voice and encouraging them to share their unique experiences. More than that, she is an intuitive storyteller, and enjoys guiding others to powerful narratives they originally did not consider. As a former non-traditional, working class student, Jennifer understands how hard it is to navigate the admissions process. By helping students with writing, she hopes to make that process a little easier. When she isn’t helping students at MedSchoolCoach, Jennifer enjoys going to Disneyland and building Lego sets with her husband and three children.

Undergraduate EDUCATION

California State University, Los Angeles

Graduate Education

MA in History at University of California San Diego


Jennifer zip-lined over a 250-foot waterfall on the Island of Hawaii. She's also afraid of heights.

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