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How to stand out in your research position

At MedSchoolCoach, we often work with incredible students who are looking to gain entrance into medical school. One activity they often pursue is research, and in fact, it’s highly desirable to have research on your resume to medical school. Yet, when a huge chunk of...

4 Things to Know Before Applying to Medical School

Any individual who wishes to become a doctor is likely sick of hearing about how difficult medical school is and how challenging it is to gain admission. If you’re the sort of person who sets lofty goals for yourself, you’re undoubtedly more interested in exploring what you need...

When should I start my medical school application?

Q: When should I start my medical school application? A: It’s really important to start thinking about, and working on, your medical school application as soon as possible. While a lot of schools have deadlines later in the year (some as late as January), applying early is one of...

How to get off a medical school waitlist

It’s that time of the year when a lot of people are looking to try to get off medical school waitlists. It can be a frustrating process with little information given to you by the schools. Wait lists though, should not be frustrating. First off, you should be happy you’ve even...

Have a backup plan for medical school letters of recommendation!

At MedSchoolCoach, we know that letters of recommendation are an important part of your medical school application. They help the admissions committee really get a full picture of who you are inside and outside the classroom. It is an opportunity for others to brag about how good...

Medical School Letters of Recommendation – What you need to know

The most important thing to know about medical school letters of recommendations is to ask for them early. A lot of focus gets placed on who you should ask for letters, and rightfully so, but if your letters are not in on time it does not matter who wrote them. Your letters can...

DO vs MD Schools – Understanding the differences and career implications

Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with How to Get into Medical School on BlogTalkRadio Dr Sahil Mehta from MedSchoolCoach, one of the nation’s best medical school admissions consulting companies, explores the DO vs MD debate. Deciding whether to apply to, and...

International (Caribbean) MD Schools – The Inside Scoop

New Education Internet Radio with How to Get into Medical School on BlogTalkRadio On today’s episode, we explore international MD schools, also known as the Caribbean Medical Schools with Dr Sahil Mehta from MedSchoolCoach. We will look at the pros and cons of going to a...

MedSchoolCoach Advisor Dr Sahil Mehta gives Medical School Admissions Advice on the Radio

Recently, Dr Sahil Mehta was a guest of Next Step Test Prep’s Blog Talk Radio Podcast. Here his entire interview below and read the transcript to gain insight into the medical school admissions process! New Education Podcasts with Next Step Test Preparation on BlogTalkRadio...

Medical School in 3 years? It’s coming!

NYU has said they will start offering a small percentage of students the chance to finish early, in three years instead of the traditional four. According to a NY Times “Not only, they say, will those doctors be able to hang out their shingles to practice earlier, but they...