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“Why do you want to go to this school” Medical School Interview Question

One of the questions that is commonly posed during the medical school interview is “Why do you want to go to this school?” While the obvious answer for many pre-medical students is “because it is a medical school!”, the more appropriate answer is one that demonstrates the...

How many hours of patient care experiences do I need to apply to medical school?

Patient care experiences are obviously very important for the medical school application process. You want to show a medical school admissions committee that you’ve really dug deep into what it means to be a physician, and have experiences directly interacting with...

What kind of leadership experience do I need for medical school?

Leadership is obviously a very important quality that every applicant to anything should have. The ability to be a leader in the field of medicine is something that every medical school is looking for. We want students who are not just going to be physicians, but students are...

How many hours of shadowing do I need for medical school?

Shadowing is one of the most important activities you can participate in as a premed. Why? Because it allows you to develop an understanding of what it is a physician does on a day-to-day basis. I often say that shadowing is important not just for your medical school application,...

How many volunteer hours do I need for medical school?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at MedSchoolCoach is coming hours of volunteer experience doing it? A lot of premedical students are involved in the community, and it’s an important part of any medical school application. Showing altruism, the ability to...

How to stand out in your research position

At MedSchoolCoach, we often work with incredible students who are looking to gain entrance into medical school. One activity they often pursue is research, and in fact, it’s highly desirable to have research on your resume to medical school. Yet, when a huge chunk of...

4 Things to Know Before Applying to Medical School

Any individual who wishes to become a doctor is likely sick of hearing about how difficult medical school is and how challenging it is to gain admission. If you’re the sort of person who sets lofty goals for yourself, you’re undoubtedly more interested in exploring what you need...

When should I start my medical school application?

Q: When should I start my medical school application? A: It’s really important to start thinking about, and working on, your medical school application as soon as possible. While a lot of schools have deadlines later in the year (some as late as January), applying early is one of...

How to get off a medical school waitlist

It’s that time of the year when a lot of people are looking to try to get off medical school waitlists. It can be a frustrating process with little information given to you by the schools. Wait lists though, should not be frustrating. First off, you should be happy you’ve even...

Have a backup plan for medical school letters of recommendation!

At MedSchoolCoach, we know that letters of recommendation are an important part of your medical school application. They help the admissions committee really get a full picture of who you are inside and outside the classroom. It is an opportunity for others to brag about how good...