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2021 AMCAS Application Timeline


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2021 Application Cycle Update: Application Submission to Medical Schools Has Been Delayed​

AMCAS just announced important information for the 2021 AMCAS Application Timeline. Most years, the AAMC and AMCAS send applications to medical school at the end of June. But this year, AMCAS will move that back by two weeks to July 10, 2020. If you’re wondering which schools are not requiring the MCAT, keep reading. Here’s the official announcement from AAMC.

“The AAMC has been working closely with the medical school admissions and pre-health advisor communities to consider the impacts on applicants due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Medical schools are aware of the many challenges applicants are facing and understand the need to be flexible in their admissions approach.

At this time, we intend to open the AMCAS application as planned on May 4, 2020 and delay transmitting AMCAS applicant data to medical schools by two weeks. This transmission delay – moving from June 26 to July 10 – will give applicants additional time to complete their applications during this rapidly changing situation due to COVID-19. We do not expect this two-week delay to impact AMCAS operations, including application processing and verification.”

What Does It Mean for Me If My MCAT Has Been Cancelled?

The two week delay likely will not have substantial impact for students whose MCAT has been cancelled or postponed. Given that March, April and May dates have been cancelled, most students will have to take the exam in June at the earliest. This means that their scores will not be available for review until early July at the earliest (when AAMC will send applications to schools). Most students won’t have their score until Late July. We would anticipate that most medical schools will delay an official review until then.

Which Schools Are Not Requiring the MCAT?

Several schools have said they will not take the MCAT into consideration this year. For a full list, visit the ProspectiveDoctor Application Changes Tracker. You can also get more information here on the AMCAS Application.

Should I Still Submit My AMCAS Application When It Opens?

This depends on a number of factors. If you have your MCAT score already, submitting your AMCAS Application when the AMCAS opens may still be a good idea. If you haven’t taken the MCAT yet, you may want to wait if you are not sure what your score will be. Other students, however, will want to still submit early. The best way to understand what to do in your unique situation  is contact a MedSchoolCoach advisor.

Has This Ever Happened Before? Has AAMC Ever Moved Its Timeline?​

Yes, there is precedent for AAMC moving the date that schools receive applications. The last time they did this was in 2015 when the MCAT changed formats.

What Should I Do While I Wait to Submit My Application?

In this video, MedSchoolCoach Founder, Dr. Sahil Mehta, explains how you can turn the effects of COVID-19 into a positive by using it to better yourself, your health, and your medical school application! He shares his top tips for pre-meds and answers questions like:

  • How do I stay healthy during the quarantine?
  • What can I do to stay social and improve my family life?
  • Should I use the time for a passion project?
  • How can I improve my medical school application when I’m stuck at home?

Watch 6 Tips for Pre-Meds During the Quarantine below.

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