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Early decision medical school

The question of an early decision application to medical school comes up a lot. Is it the right thing to do?

In most cases, applicants view early decision as a great chance to get accepted to their top choice school. They think that much like applying early decision to college, applying early decision to medical school could get them into a school and not have to worry about the rest of their applications. Unfortunately, it does not work this way.

In almost all scenarios, applying early decision to medical school is the wrong idea. The biggest problem is that ED applicants are not allowed to apply to any other school until they are rejected from their early decision school. This usually does not happen until October, at which point your application is really too late for all other schools. Applying late to these schools will be detrimental, as they will have already started to fill their class and interview slots long before you even send in your secondary. Essentially, you really are putting ALL your eggs in one basket and ruining your chances are all the other schools you may apply to.

So our advice is simple: don’t apply early decision to medical school (except in really extenuating circumstances on a case-by-base basis).