Medical Schools in Georgia

Medical Schools in Georgia


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Check our our list of the medical schools in Georgia to find median GPA and MCAT, and tuition rates to see if one of these schools is a good fit for you. Remember that you’ll use AMCAS to apply for an allopathic program and AACOMAS when applying for an osteopathic program.

Use the MedSchoolCoach Med School Explorer to see more detailed information about interview formats, secondary essays, and classes sizes. This tool will also give you an estimate of how well of an academic fit you’d be to each school you explore. 

SchoolCity, StateMedian GPAMedian MCATIn-State TuitionOut-of-State TuitionProgram
Emory University School of MedicineAtlanta, GA3.79516$94,340.00$94,340.00MD
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta UniversityAugusta, GA3.85513$62,750.00$91,670.00MD
Mercer University School of MedicineMacon, GA3.79505$42,586.00UnknownMD
Morehouse School of MedicineAtlanta, GA3.69506$93,425.00$93,425.00MD
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – GeorgiaSuwanee, GA3.5505$60,284.00$60,284.00DO


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FAQ About Medical Schools in Georgia

How many medical schools are in Georgia? 

There are 4 allopathic medical schools and 1 osteopathic medical school in Georgia. 

Is there an HBCU medical school in Georgia?

Yes, Atlanta, Georgia is home to the Morehouse School of Medicine, one of 4 HBCU medical schools in the United States. 

What GPA do you need to get into medical schools in Georgia?

The lowest median GPA for a medical school in Georgia in 3.5. Having a high or low GPA doesn’t automatically determine your acceptance into medical school. There are many factors and parts to a medical school application. Admissions committees will look at each candidate as a whole before making a decision. 

What is the number one medical school in Georgia?

Emory University is considered the number one medical school in Georgia.

Is there a medical school in Savannah, Georgia?

Mercer University School of Medicine has a campus in Savannah Georgia, and you’ll also find the Southeast Campus of the Medical College of Georgia here too.

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