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Medical School Personal Statement

PenWhile the medical school personal statement is just one part of your entire medical school application, the importance cannot be overstated. The important thing to remember is that the personal statement is the one chance for you to stand out from the pack. This is not something that schools toss to the side. Your personal statement will be read over multiple times during the admissions process by multiple people.

Your medical school personal statement can get you in, or leave your out, of medical school. A great personal statement can set you apart from your peers. Many applicants are coming in with similar MCAT scores and GPAs, so the deciding factor is intangibles like the personal statement

Similarly, a poor personal statement can eliminate you from the mix. When a medical school committee has a few hundred applicants, seeing typos, spelling mistakes or bad content will quickly move you to the bottom of the pile. The personal statement is a quick way to “weed out” similar applicants. With two similar applications, the personal statement can decide who gets an interview and who does not.

As mentioned, your personal statement will also be used to decide whether a school wants to invite you for an interview or not. Schools only accept students who have been invited for interviews, so getting to this step is a huge part of the process.

The personal statement is also the starting point for many interview discussions and questions. When committee members sit down to interview an applicant, they often have just a few minutes to skim the application. The personal statement provides the perfect amount of information for them. They can pick out a few key points and use it as the starting ground for your interview. If this is the only part of the application that they may read, you need to make it perfect.

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