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Memory - Explicit and Implicit Memory

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Explicit Memory vs Implicit Memory

Explicit and implicit memory are the two sides of long-term memory.


What is Explicit Memory?

Explicit memory is also called declarative memory, because it involves information that you can consciously recall, state, and describe. It is the long-term storage of facts, experiences, and concepts. It can be subdivided into semantic memory and episodic memory.


Semantic memory is referring to the memory of facts and concepts, for example, the names of fruits.


Episodic memory is the long-term storage of personal experiences. For example, you might recall the first time you went on a plane flight.


For all aspects of explicit memory, the hippocampus is required for proper functioning. Henry Molaison (H.M.) was a patient who suffered epilepsy as a child and underwent a medial temporal lobectomy in order to treat the epilepsy. His hippocampus was damaged and he was no longer able to use explicit memory. However, he was still able to use implicit memory.


What is Implicit Memory?

Implicit memory is also called non-declarative memory because it involves the storage of unconscious feelings and behaviors. Procedural memory, one type of implicit memory, is long-term storage that aids in the performance of routine tasks, for example, tying your shoes or riding a bike.

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